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Finding a Natural Ayurvedic book In Gujarati? Dr. Janak Patel presents a “Gharelu Upchar” of remedies for Normal Human Disease, and in This Gharelu Upchar ebook learn you to healthiest foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals for good health.

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Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe Gharelu Upchar Ayurveda Book

According to Ayurveda Book, there are two types of matter. One a food substance and the other a medicinal substance. Since it is taken regularly, the body and body action have a special relationship with food. The difference between food and medicine is that there is a predominance of interest in food. While semen in medicine (here semen is an Ayurvedic term. It can also mean nature.

The nature of medicine or semen is either hot or cold). Since the knowledge of the effect of dietary juices on the body is very important as dietary substances have a special relationship with juice, here is a brief description of dietary juices in Ayurvedic terms Modern physicians (neo-science) believe in the original four juices. Sweet, bitter, sour and salty, but here I am only talking about six juices of Ayurvedic opinion.

(1) Sweet: Jaggery, sugar, grapes, honey etc.

(2) Sour: Tamarind, Lemon, Karamda, Raw Mango etc.

(2) Saline: sea salt, rock salt, silt, etc.

(4) Spicy: Pepper, chilli, ginger, linden pepper etc.

(2) Bitter: Neem, Kariyatu, Kadu, Karela etc.

(2) Turo: Harde, Baval, Arecanut etc.

Gharelu Upchar juices

These six juices are also divided into two categories because the world is fiery. Southeast means warm and gentle means cold. Spicy, sour and salty These three juices are considered southeastern or hot and sweet-sour, bitter and bitter, these three juices are considered mild i.e. cold. Southeastern juices are hot, so produce fainting and irritation. Hence it is also called Vidahi. Conversely benign juices are cold, hence fainting and vidah (inflammation) are sedative, hence it is called avidhahi.

ડ્રાયવીંગ લાઇસન્સ હવે ઘરે બેઠા મેળવો

Juice Symptoms

The characteristic of the juice is determined, which is as follows.

Sweet juice: affection, tarpan, delightful, expectorant, etc.

Sour juice: It stimulates teeth, secretes oral juices, purifies the mouth, stimulates appetite, constricts the eyes, burns the mouth and throat, thrills and strengthens the heart.

Saline juice: Liquid, soluble, caffeinated, moisturizing, flavor enhancer, mouth, palate, throat, chest, forehead etc. are considered to be irritating.

Spicy juice: It is said to irritate the tongue, discharge from the mouth, nose and eyes with inflammation and cause headache.

Bitter juice: Immediately destroys other tastes of the tongue, enhances interest despite being unpleasant, cleanses the throat, teeth, mouthwash, etc.

Turo Ras: Tongue and mouth stabilizer, inertia mouthwash, heart disease, phlegm killer and pride.

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A collection of Ayurvedic books is given. Everyday diseases and its home remedies are given in this book. And in many books, information about various diseases is given from the area.

I hope you like my collection of Ayurvedic books. And keep this page bookmarked in your mobile so that you know when new books are added to the collection here.

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