જાણો સતાધાર ના પાડા પીર નો ઇતિહાસ (અલૌકિક ગાથા)


Satadhar Dham is located 37 km from Junagadh. Satadhar means the abode of Apagiga. There have been many saints in Satadharnijagya who have done human service, cow service, food donation, Sadavrat for many years for Sorath Dhara and have also completed many parchas for the devotees. Today we are talking about an animal that happened in Satadhardham, which is known as the miraculous Pada Pir.

According to a legend, Sorathiya Ahir Ram, his elder brother Mulun Ahir and his sister-in-law Sonbai lived in Bhavnagar panth. After the sudden death of his elder brother Mulin Ahir, the Ahir community decided to marry Sonbai’s deity Ram Ahir due to the age of both of them, but Ram Ahir thought it was reasonable to leave his home and homeland and take some buffaloes with a spirit of dedication to Gandigirbaju Reaches there and then Vastashamji requests Bapu, give me shelter here, I will stay here with my buffaloes and serve this dham.

One of the buffaloes possessed by Ram Ahir is the Bhojpuri buffalo, his first milk goes to Satadhar Dham every day. The pada that was born in Anikukhe was very different from the other pada that was not seen anywhere else. It is as if the gigantic body of Gir, incarnated as Savaj Pada, is enlarged and its horns are bigger than the increase in its wonderful body composition.

સતાધાર ના પાડા પીર નો ઇતિહાસ ગુજરાતીમાં જાણવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

One day it happened that the people of Nasdi village in Savarkundla were looking for a good padan to improve their buffalo breed, they found out that there is a gigantic and powerful paddo in Satadhar. Those people reached Satadhar and demanded Pada from Shamji Bapu. Shamji Bapu says, which shout? Don’t cry, he is our son and the son will never be given to anyone,

But Shamjibapu obeyed the prayers of the villagers. When the people of the village said, we too will save that pada like our son. Shamjibapu bid farewell to Pada and a Hamirbhai Koli from the village took charge of Pada. He died suddenly after a while and now there is no one to save Pada, so a man from that village sold Pada to a man in Savarkundla for Rs.

When the paddo reaches the Mumbai abattoir, the owner of the Mumbai abattoir is astonished, as he has never seen such an animal in his entire life. The pada is kept in a manger with all the animals and a saw is placed on it. Where the saw is placed and stays a little away from the pada, the saw suddenly breaks into pieces.

સોફ્ટ ગુજરાતી ખમણ ઢોકળા રેસીપી

The owner said that there would be some defect in the saw machine, then the second saw was decorated, the second saw was also cut where it was placed, after a while the owner put the third saw but this time the saw was cut in such a way that the owner was injured but no damage was done to the pada. Happened. All the men of the slaughterhouse take the owner to the hospital, that night in the dream of the son of the owner of the slaughterhouse, a saintly Olio man comes and tells him that you have a place for us there and take him to our place as you like. The slaughterhouse owner’s son talks to his father.

The owner of the slaughterhouse sends Pada to Savarkundla. This was also noticed by the press of the time. Now the Pada is welcomed in Savarkundla and Satadhar is brought from there.

After that day, the miraculous Pada is worshiped with the saints of Satadhar as Pada Pir. Shravan Sud Beej and Padapir Ramcharan will be held on Wednesday, 21-7-93 at 6:30 am and this will probably be the first avocado when the surrounding area is automatically closed in mourning of an animal. Even today the idol of Padapir is located in Satadhar Dham and the devotees also believe in him and even today the animal is worshiped as Padapir.

Probably there is so much strength in the water of Sorath and in the company of the saints of Sorath that even the animals are worshiped here.

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